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Oaktree Financial Advisors - Proud Sponsor of Face of Hope Breakfast

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Oaktree Financial Advisors is a proud sponsor of the Face of Hope Breakfast presented by the Little Red Door Cancer Agency. The 2015 event will take place on Thursday, November 19 from 7:30 - 8:45 a.m. at the Expo Hall, Indiana State Fairgrounds. The Little Red Door reduces the physical, emotional and financial burdens of cancer for central Indiana residents. In 2014, Little Red Door reached over 21,924 people through it's programs and education outreach efforts.

A Message About the Markets

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We understand that you may be feeling uneasy about what is happening in our financial markets, but let us reassure you that nothing happening today is unprecedented.

We staunchly believe that the key variables in a rational investment strategy are your goals and your investing time horizon.

The prudent thing to do is to let the volatility take its course and hang in there. Patience and discipline are two of the most important factors for long-term investing success. It is at times like these that patience and discipline become most important, but it is also when they can be the most difficult to practice. Our portfolios look to provide returns over the long-term to long-term investors over their remaining lifetimes.

Why Your Lilly Supplemental Life Insurance May Not be the Best Deal: A Real Life Example

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*Oaktree Financial Advisors is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Eli Lilly

Another great example of how Lilly employees can save money with private insurance. By using life insurance purchased on his own instead of through Lilly's supplemental life insurance this client can save over $1,200 the first year and more than $30,000 over the next 10 years. Here's a link for a better view. Click Here

Four Things Every Lilly Employee Should Know

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*Oaktree Financial Advisors is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Eli Lilly

We all have busy lives and because of that we all have things that we should be doing that don't get done. Even with the best of intentions to do these things we run out of time or forget or sometimes maybe we just don't even realize we should be doing them.

With that in mind, here is a list of four things you should know about if you are an Eli Lilly employee.

1. 7 Times Your Salary Is Not Enough Life Insurance - Lilly provides you with two times your base salary in life insurance and you can purchase up to an additional five times your base salary. I think sometimes people think that since they are purchasing the maximum they can that that's enough. It's probably not. Life insurance should be the foundation of your financial plan, not an afterthought or an add on. Protect your family by making sure you have enough life insurance. How much is enough is best determined as part of an overall financial plan, which leads us to number 2...

Memorial Day - We Remember

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On Memorial Day we pay tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may be free. Let us remember and honor our heroes.