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Important Things to Remember for VERP Participants

Written by Ed Snyder, CFP® on .

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Congratulations on your acceptance to Lilly's Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP). To ensure a smooth transition for your retirement we have listed a few things you will want to consider before and after separation from Lilly.  Please keep in mind some of these items may not be applicable to everyone's situation.

BEFORE DECEMBER 8TH (If you are retiring December 31st)

Go to the Lilly benefits site at: and make the following elections before December 8th:

Pension Elections

Federal and State tax withholding elections. Set-up direct deposit to your bank for your Pension payments. If you are married, you will need to make a survivorship election.  (Single individuals will skip this step.)

Health Insurance Elections

Consider the HSA. There are multiple tax benefits. Call us to discuss details.


Get your e-mail and other contact information updated:

Do you use your work e-mail for any personal communication?  Make sure to change them to a personal e-mail before separation so you don't miss any important e-mails. Make sure you have a personal e-mail, personal cell phone, and home phone (if applicable) setup on the Lilly Benefits site as these things are used to verify your identity for some requests and to reset a password if necessary.

Why You Should Use the HSA Instead of the HRA in 2018

Written by Ed Snyder, CFP® on .

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Open enrollment is here. You know, that time of year where you make choices about your benefits at work? One area that I've noticed that people may want to take a little more time in comparing their options is in the health insurance plan that they choose. As an Eli Lilly employee you can choose from two plans; a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA). My experience has been that most people use the HRA. But I think you should do some analysis and consider whether the HSA might be a good choice for you and your family.

What is an HSA?

You may have heard about the HSA, but maybe you're not sure how it works or how to use it. HSAs are relatively complex and can be confusing. Is it affiliated with health insurance? Does it have anything to do with my retirement? Is it a bank account, an investment account? It can be all of these things.

HSAs are available to those that have high-deductible insurance plans. The money in the HSA can be used to meet deductible and other out-of-pocket health care costs. The beauty is that the money you put in your HSA goes in pre-tax, like the money you put in your 401(k). Investment growth and interest are tax deferred, and withdrawals spent on qualified medical expenses are also tax free. I call this the trifecta of tax savings. This triple tax benefit increases your buying power compared to using after-tax money.

Lilly VERP Analysis - Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Written by Ed Snyder on .


What factors do you need to consider when evaluating your VERP offer? How do you know if the VERP is right for you?

We had clients calling the morning the VERP was offered to schedule time to come in to have us help them evaluate their offer. Here's what we're talking to them about, along with a couple of real life examples.

Employees should consider if they are financially ready to retire. They should look at how the offer fits in with their retirement income plan. Because we provide an Independent Professional Retirement Overview (IPRO) for our clients, when we discuss their VERP offer with them we can see how it fits in with their IPRO retirement plan. It can quickly be updated to see the feasibility of retirement with the VERP offer.

While the Lilly VERP offer may look attractive, you must be aware of how the pension schedule impacts your personal situation. Many employees receiving the offer may be leaving significant pension benefits if they accept the offer. Let's take a look at an example:

Eli Lilly Employee Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) Decision

Written by Ed Snyder, CFP® on .

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Many employees of Eli Lilly will consider a Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) offer as Lilly looks to workforce reductions in an effort to improve its cost structure. Approximately 3,500 positions are expected to be impacted by the reductions.

VERP offers can be complicated. You should compare the value of the enhanced benefits being offered to retire early to what you would get if you continued to work. By continuing to work you would continue to contribute to the Lilly Savings Plan (401k), accrue additional pension benefits and earn credits towards retiree healthcare. You need to weigh if those benefits would be greater than the benefits offered in the VERP. Early retirement could impact your Social Security benefits, which are based on your average earnings over 35 years of work. And it's important to know that the one-time lump sum payment is taxed as ordinary income and will be reduced by applicable tax withholding.

Can I Afford to Retire?

Beyond the above analysis, any employee considering the VERP should have a thorough understanding of what their retirement would look like. This includes knowing what expected expenses would be, as well as sources of available income and their amounts. This is best accomplished through a comprehensive retirement income plan, not an online retirement calculator or "financial advisor" available via phone at a call center. Something as serious and intricate as your retirement deserves more than a one or two-time chat on the phone with an advisor with whom you'll have no ongoing relationship.

Oaktree Financial Advisors has developed the Independent Professional Retirement Overview (IPRO), a customized retirement analysis that takes into account your specific Lilly benefit programs. We can help you determine if you can maintain your lifestyle throughout retirement based on an early retirement, a full retirement, or anywhere in between.  There are many factors to consider. It includes evaluation of "what-if" scenarios so that you can make an informed decision about a VERP offer based on various scenarios.

Factors that often get overlooked or are misunderstood such as inflation, withdrawal rates from savings and healthcare costs, if not handled correctly, can have serious negative consequences on your retirement years. Many retirement decisions are irrevocable, so small mistakes now can have a lasting impact for years down the road.

If you would like to discuss this very important decision with one of our advisors, please click here, call us toll-free at 1-877-901-1631 or email us at Oaktree Financial Advisors can provide an Independent Professional Retirement Overview and help you evaluate "what-if" scenarios.

We have been advising our clients on this decision and we would be glad to assist you.

Oaktree Financial Advisors is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Eli Lilly

Lilly HSA Plan Changes – Effective October 3, 2017

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Lilly has recently announced changes to the investment menu within the Health Savings Account (HSA). Effective October 3, 2017, all funds are moving from Class A to Institutional Class Shares. This will not be a change in the actual funds or underlying investments, but the fund ticker symbols will be different and fees will be lower. You will automatically be moved to the new investments on October 2. No action is required on your part.

If you have automated investing set up on your HSA, those instructions will automatically be transferred to the new Institutional Class shares of the same fund(s). No action is required on your part.

In addition, as of September 25, 2017, new investments into Dreyfus Premier Strategic Value (DAGVX.LW) and Dreyfus Appreciation Fund (DGAGX) will no longer be allowed. These funds are being eliminated from the HSA, however, if you currently invest in these funds, you may continue to hold the investments or move them to a new fund at any time.

Gabelli Asset Fund has a short-term trading fee. New investments in Class A shares will be blocked beginning September 22 to help participants avoid being subject to this fee. The Institutional Class Shares will re-open for new investments on October 3. Any automated investing scheduled during this blocked period will be executed on October 3.

Three new index funds will be added. Vanguard Mid Cap Index (VIMAX), Vanguard Total International Stock Index (VTIAX) and Vanguard Total Bond Market Index (VBTLX).

If you have questions regarding how these changes may affect your HSA portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact Oaktree toll-free at 877-901-1631 or

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