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Client Appreciation Night

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On Tuesday, June 26th, Oaktree hosted Client Appreciation Night at Victory Field in Indianapolis to thank our loyal clients. We enjoyed a night of good food, good friends and baseball.  Thank you to all of our clients who came out to the game!

Happy Memorial Day

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This Memorial Day, we honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we may be free.

We're reminded of a quote by Indiana's own, Benjamin Harrison:

"I have never been able to think of the day as one of mourning; I have never quite been able to feel that half-masted flags were appropriate on Decoration Day.  I have rather felt that the flag should be at the peak, because those whose dying we commemorate rejoiced in seeing it where their valor placed it.  We honor them in a joyous, thankful, triumphant commemoration of what they did."This Memorial Day, through all the sunshine, cook outs and family gatherings, let us not forget the meaning of this important day of remembrance. Let us take time to honor those who have served us well and fought for an ideal – a great purpose.

"It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle."
~ Norman Schwarzkopf

Let us remember and honor our heroes.

Happy Memorial Day


Where is Eli Lilly in this year's Pharm Exec 50?

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Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine just released it's 2012 Pharm Exec 50, where companies are ranked according to global human prescription drug sales for fiscal year 2011.  Lilly came in at number 10 behind Johnson & Johnson and Abbott.  Lilly slid one position from 2011 when it ranked 9th.  See the article here.

The Indy 500 and Investments

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The stock market has experienced a fairly steady rise upward this year with the S&P 500 returning 11.88% through the end of April.  Real estate as an asset class has performed even better, with the DJ US Select REIT TR index posting a 14.09% gain so far.  Growth has outperformed value thus far in large caps, mid caps and small caps.  International (MSCI EAFE NR USD) is the lowest performing equity asset class though the end of April with an 8.69% return.  Bonds (BarCap US Agg Bond ) have returned 1.41%.  (Souce: Morningstar as of 4-30-2012)

We only have to look to last year to remember that things can and do change.  Through the end of June the S&P 500 was up 6.02%.  But third quarter saw a 15.10% decline, followed by a fourth quarter gain of 11.82%, with the S&P 500 finishing 2011 with a 2.11% gain.

It's been a great start to the year but it has not been without volatility.  We have seen days where the market (DJ Industrial Avg) has dropped by 100 plus points.

Many successful long-term investors don't get too excited when things are going well, and they don't despair when things are going poorly. Instead, they stick to long-term plans that are built around their financial goals and their tolerance for risk.  We believe that the best way to reach those long term goals is to remain disciplined and patient – whether you are experiencing joy over the markets recent good returns or grief from periods when things aren't so great.

Harnessing Risk in Any Market

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If you're an outdoor enthusiast, at some point or another you've probably contemplated what you might do should you encounter a bear or other wild animal. Wildlife experts typically recommend these tips: Stay calm and don't run. Investors might also do well to heed that advice when traversing the stock market.