Why the Super Bowl is Like Saving for Retirement

Feb 1st, 2015

So the big game is getting ready to be played. I’m usually pretty fired up about it. Super Bowl Sunday is always an exciting day to watch the game, be with family and friends, have some good food and drinks and watch some good commercials. Except this year I don’t care much about the game at all. I’m a Colts fan so I don’t’ want the Patriots to win. But I’m not much of a Seattle fan either. So this year I’m pretty uninterested. But it’s the Super Bowl and I’m going to watch.

It seems like that’s kind of how saving money is for some people. Some people just are not interested at all. You know the day will arrive when you will retire but when you’re early in your career it certainly seems like forever away and not much of a priority. It’s just not something that in your 20s or 30s you may be very interested in. You may not see the value in putting that money aside for some distant future need. You have so many needs here and now to provide for it just may not seem like a good trade off to give up some of that stuff. And you may wonder how you can afford to save at all. The truth is you can’t afford not to save. No matter how little you start with you’ve got to start and grow from there.

No matter how uninterested you are in this thing called retirement that seems so very far away, it will come. Whether you are interested or not. And the earlier you start preparing for it the better off you will be. So start saving early and often because retirement is much more important than the Super Bowl.

Written by: Ed Snyder

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