Nov 21st, 2018

How Financial Planners Keep Anxious Clients on Track During Volatile Times

Months of stock market turbulence have meant months of rising anxiety for clients, financial planners say. As a result, some financial planners who are otherwise strong proponents of a buy-and-hold strategy are starting to make changes to the investment portfolios of some of their clients. However, financial advisors say they are not necessarily trying to … more »
Nov 1st, 2018

Why retirees shouldn’t let stock market volatility scare them

Oh, great. On top of everything else retirees or folks eyeing retirement have to be worried about, there’s something we haven’t seen in a long time: market volatility. After nearly a decade of strong gains—the S&P 500 SPX, -1.40% rose 293% between March 2009 and September’s all-time high—the broad index has tumbled 9% in the … more »
Oct 29th, 2018

The risky IRA ‘loan’ clients ask for

Clients in need of a short-term cash influx may be tempted to dip into their IRAs and repay themselves rather than seeking out a lender. Often, they’re under the impression that tapping an IRA works like taking a loan from a 401(k). The reality is much more complicated. Any money your client withdraws from an … more »
Sep 4th, 2018

How to Cope With a Market Peak

U.S. stocks danced around new highs in late August, a relief for investors after months below the record set in January. But by any standard the bull market is long in the tooth, and a big pullback would not be surprising. So, for millions of investors, the question is what is the smart strategy when … more »
Aug 31st, 2018

Advisers back Trump’s directive to ease distribution rules for retirement accounts

Investment advisers support President Donald J. Trump’s effort to allow people to keep money in their retirement accounts longer. This afternoon at an event in Charlotte, N.C., Mr. Trump will sign an executive order directing the Treasury Department to review regulations that require savers to start taking money out of 401k and individual retirement accounts … more »
Aug 31st, 2018

Trump Calls For Review Of Rule Requiring RMDs At 70 1/2

A presidential executive order that could lead to investors keeping their money longer in tax-deferred retirement accounts? What’s not for investment advisors to like? Especially intriguing to advisors is the language in President Trump’s new executive order calling on the Treasury Department to review its rules for required mandatory withdrawals from 401(k) plans and IRAs. Generally, investors … more »
Aug 31st, 2018

What Does The Future Hold For Financial Advisors?

The rise of Betterment, Wealthfront and other “robo-advisors” has disrupted the financial advisory business. Many millennials are eschewing traditional financial advisors in favor of algorithmic, low-cost alternatives to managing their money. As Baby Boomers continue to age, the trillions of dollars in wealth they’ve accumulated will flow down to younger generations. Are financial advisors concerned … more »
Aug 30th, 2018

Financial crisis haunts clients 10 years later

It’s been 10 years since the financial crisis saw banks crumble, homes foreclosed on and portfolio values plummet. And as the global community looks back on what became a worldwide calamity, the obvious question is whether today’s investors are better prepared for the next market crash. Financial advisors believe they are. Thanks to a change … more »
Aug 24th, 2018

Advisors Say Rubio’s Universal Leave Idea Could Devastate Social Security

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s proposal to allow parents to tap Social Security benefits early to pay for parental leave has a number of prominent cheerleaders—chief among them White House adviser Ivanka Trump—but investment advisors are not cheering. Rubio’s bill would allow both parents to apply for Social Security benefits early to finance leave after having … more »

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