Oct 16th, 2017

Why You Should Use the HSA Instead of the HRA in 2018

Open enrollment is here. You know, that time of year where you make choices about your benefits at work? One area that I’ve noticed that people may want to take a little more time in comparing their options is in the health insurance plan that they choose. As an Eli Lilly employee you can choose … more »
Sep 18th, 2017

Lilly VERP Analysis – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What factors do you need to consider when evaluating your VERP offer? How do you know if the VERP is right for you? We had clients calling the morning the VERP was offered to schedule time to come in to have us help them evaluate their offer. Here’s what we’re talking to them about, along with … more »
Sep 9th, 2017

Lilly HSA Plan Changes – Effective October 3, 2017

Lilly has recently announced changes to the investment menu within the Health Savings Account (HSA). Effective October 3, 2017, all funds are moving from Class A to Institutional Class Shares. This will not be a change in the actual funds or underlying investments, but the fund ticker symbols will be different and fees will be … more »
Sep 8th, 2017

Eli Lilly Employee Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) Decision

Many employees of Eli Lilly will consider a Voluntary Early Retirement Program (VERP) offer as Lilly looks to workforce reductions in an effort to improve its cost structure. Approximately 3,500 positions are expected to be impacted by the reductions. VERP offers can be complicated. You should compare the value of the enhanced benefits being offered … more »
Aug 10th, 2017

Where to Invest Money You Need in the Next Five Years

An issue that has come up frequently the last several years is when people have money in savings that they don’t need right now but they need it in a year or two for some specific goal like a vacation or a down payment on a house. Savings accounts are paying less than one percent … more »
Jul 9th, 2017

How Investing Should Be Like Summer

Ed Snyder, CFP®, ChFC Ahh summer. The time when it seems like we all relax a little bit more and life is a little more simple. The kids don’t have to be up and out the door for school before the sun’s up. No school lunches to be prepared or field trip permission slips to … more »
Mar 22nd, 2017

Financial Media is Perpetually Pessimistic and Often Wrong. Ignore It.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished down 237.85 points or 1.14% yesterday. This is no big deal. In fact, the market has declined 5% or more every 5 months on average since 1946*. That’s 183 times. Dare I say it’s normal. Here’s an excerpt from an excellent article that appeared at Bloomberg.com, written by Charles … more »
Feb 28th, 2017

How to Save Money and Time on Stuff You Buy and Never Leave Your House

Don’t you love going to the grocery store and loading up your cart with the toilet paper, paper towels, diapers and dog food? By the time you’ve got these in the cart, there’s no room for the groceries. Or how many times has this happened? You get an email from home that you’re out of … more »
Feb 10th, 2017

How to Reduce Income Taxes on a Severance Package

Business and industries are constantly under pressure from many different directions – shareholders, government agencies, consumers and competitors. In reaction to these pressures and in preparation for the future continued success of the business, many times companies lay people off. Among those companies recently is Eli Lilly. Unfortunately, these are the pressures of business, especially … more »
Jan 26th, 2017

Dow 20,000. Now What?

  The Dow hit 20,000 yesterday. We’ve been waiting weeks for this. It got oh so close three weeks ago on January 6th and again on January 11th.  But then it retreated more than 220 points in the next eight days closing at 19,732 on January 19th, leaving one to wonder if maybe it would … more »

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