Jan 9th, 2017

15 Things to do When You Lose Your Job

  Whatever employers like to call it, being laid off, downsized, restructured or right-sized, the result is the same – you’re out of a job. And regardless of why, being laid off from a job can be a traumatic, stressful experience, one that can cause you to lose sight of your own self-worth, your value … more »
Sep 21st, 2016

You Can’t Use Your Cell Phone When You’re Dead

I talk to people every day about their finances. As you might imagine, I see a lot of different situations. One thing that I see too often is families that do not have enough life insurance. Too many times people take whatever life insurance their employer happens to provide and maybe they buy a little … more »
Sep 19th, 2016

Comparing the Clinton and Trump Child Care Plans

Millions of Americans pay for childcare or stay at home to provide care instead of working. Millions more provide unpaid care to an adult, while some families are doing both – called the “sandwich generation”. Workers spend time out of the workforce providing this care, thus costing their families money. The two presidential candidates have … more »
Sep 2nd, 2016

Your Employer’s Life Insurance May Not Be The Best Deal

Save money on your life insurance and put the savings in  your 401(k) Many workers sign up for the life insurance that their employer offers and I don’t think they give it much thought. They can’t shop for it. It’s not like they can look at three different policies the employer is offering and take … more »
Jun 29th, 2016

Perspective on Recent Market Volatility

  Often during times of market volatility investors feel as though they should be doing something, but usually the best course of action is to do nothing.  This article gives us a little perspective on the recent market.
Jun 24th, 2016

The Brexit is Breaking News

It’s all over the news that the British have decided to leave the European Union. Don’t let this breaking news break your plans. Markets don’t like the unknown and how this plays out as far as Britain actually leaving the EU is definitely an unknown. We’ve seen markets reacting negatively, as we’d expect, and we … more »
Nov 11th, 2015

Oaktree Financial Advisors – Proud Sponsor of Face of Hope Breakfast

Oaktree Financial Advisors is a proud sponsor of the Face of Hope Breakfast presented by the Little Red Door Cancer Agency. The 2015 event will take place on Thursday, November 19 from 7:30 – 8:45 a.m. at the Expo Hall, Indiana State Fairgrounds. The Little Red Door reduces the physical, emotional and financial burdens of … more »

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