Jul 7th, 2018

A Bear Market Is Coming — This Is How Investors Can Prepare

It isn’t rosy in all Wall Street research departments. Citigroup analysts are predicting a “full-on bear market” within months based on historical trends, according to a new note by equity strategist Robert Buckland. Here’s how you can protect your portfolio. Assess Your Risk Most everyone will suffer losses in a bear market (short-sellers are winners, of course), … more »
Jun 9th, 2018

How Recent Grads Can Use the Stock Market to Achieve Financial Success

Get in the game, kid. It’s no secret that the financial stability of many recent college graduates is hampered by huge student loans. However, certified financial planners agree that the loans’ low interest rates make it possible for graduates to still take advantage of the stock market. Here’s how. Start Off on the Right Foot … more »
Jun 4th, 2018

Nektar Therapeutics Just Lost More Than $6 Billion in Value Because of One Drug

Tough day. The dumping of bio-pharma player Nektar Therapeutics’ (NKTR – Get Report) stock on Monday, which crashed nearly 42%, might have been done so too hastily according to analysts TheStreet talked with. Shares plummeted after investors and Wall Street analysts found Nektar’s mid-stage trial results for its collaborative effort with Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (BMY … more »

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