Got Kids in Private School? Don’t Forget This Little-Known Tax Deduction

Mar 13th, 2015
If you send your kids to private elementary or high school or homeschool them, there’s an Indiana tax deduction that you should use. You can deduct $1,000 per dependent child. This is a deduction, not a tax credit.  A deduction reduces your taxable income, before calculating state and local tax. So, a $1,000 reduction in … more »

Spring Forward and its Powerful Effect on Your 401(k)

Mar 12th, 2015
This weekend most of the nation will move their clocks forward one hour to adjust for daylight savings time; what we call “spring forward”. I would like to suggest that you use this as a reminder to spring forward your 401(k) contributions and increase the amount you are contributing. When was the last time you … more »

Two Things You Must Do With Your 401(k)

Mar 5th, 2015
  Don’t go on autopilot – go on auto increase When employees contribute to their 401(k) plan, the money goes into the plan directly before the employee ever receives the money. It’s easy to lose track of how much is being contributed. Too many times the initial contribution percentage is chosen arbitrarily and is not … more »

How Do I Claim My Tax Credit For My 529 Contributions?

Mar 1st, 2015
Indiana residents who contributed to the CollegeChoice 529 last year need to remember to claim the tax credit on their 2014 Indiana income tax return. It is important to remember to claim the credit as there are no tax forms sent out reporting your contributions. Your contributions are reported on Schedule IN-529 and then the allowable … more »

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