HSA Can Double as a Retirement Account

Oct 31st, 2013
Another tip for Eli Lilly employees during your annual benefits enrollment.  If you’re making maximum contributions to your 401(k) and IRAs and want some additional tax-favored savings, you might use an HSA to supplement your nest egg.  Even in retirement, you can tap the funds tax-free for medical needs. And starting at 65, you can … more »

Follow Us on Twitter!

Oct 18th, 2013
World and financial news seems to change by the minute. That’s why we have recently joined Twitter:  @OaktreeFA We use this social media site in order to provide information on timely economic developments, financial updates, and links to other newsworthy stories that we feel would be of interest to our followers. Who knew that you … more »

The Government Shut-down and Your Investments

Oct 7th, 2013
You can replace “The Government Shut-Down” in the title with “The Greek Debt Crisis”, or “U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded”, or whatever other pessimistic, bad news of the day you choose. No matter what the crisis of the day is, making investment decisions based on emotion can kill long-term performance.  It’s very easy to get caught … more »

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