The Government Shut-down and Your Investments

Oct 7th, 2013
You can replace “The Government Shut-Down” in the title with “The Greek Debt Crisis”, or “U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded”, or whatever other pessimistic, bad news of the day you choose. No matter what the crisis of the day is, making investment decisions based on emotion can kill long-term performance.  It’s very easy to get caught … more »

Eli Lilly 401(k) Changes Effective July 1

Jun 10th, 2013
*Oaktree Financial Advisors is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Eli Lilly Eli Lilly has announced upcoming changes to The Lilly Employee 401(k) Plan.  Effective July 1, 2013, the following investments will be replaced:  U.S. Large Company S&P 500 – Index, U.S. Large Company Growth – Active,  U.S. Large Company Value – Active, International Stock … more »

Lilly 401(k) Plan Changes

Dec 4th, 2012
*Oaktree Financial Advisors is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Eli Lilly Lilly has announced changes to the self-directed brokerage account within the Lilly 401(k) that will take effect January 1, 2013.  The two changes are as follows: The quarterly fee for the self-directed account will increase to $48 from the current $46.  These fees … more »

Chris Baker Speaks With Bloomberg.com

Jul 11th, 2012
Bloomberg.com spoke with Chris Baker for their article about the dangers of employees holding too much company stock in their 401(k)s.  Wall Street Workers’ Bad 401(k) Bet  

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